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Our Eleganza, Fenice & Tecnica F. Beesley shotguns are being made in Brescia by some of the region’s most talented and highly skilled gunmakers, guided by our Head of Production Bradley Davis.

Our partner has been making guns for more than 50 years and has established a reputation for developing accurate and exceptionally well-crafted guns. A family business was the perfect environment to resurrect F. Beesley for the 21st Century. Despite being relatively new, in an area of ancient companies, the craftsmen building the guns can trace a gun making lineage stretching back centuries.

We have created guns with the right weight, balance and mechanical design whilst providing exceptional levels of artistry, with beautiful engraving and a stunning range of wood choices. All this can be customised by you and will be interpreted with precision and skill by one of the finest workshops in Brescia.

We merged the considerable game shooting knowledge and competition experience and achievement of our Director Tom Ward and Head of production Bradley Davis to create an exceptional range of shotguns that can be tailored to suit both the quarry you shoot and your shooting style.

Where our guns are manufactured

When it came to the creation of a new generation of F. Beesley guns, we turned to the unrivalled gunmakers of Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy, to carry out our specifications and design.

Val Trompia is a small village in the Italian Alps which makes 40% of the world’s guns. It is here where gunmaking skills have been developed, refined and passed on through the generations, and continue to this very day.

The area is surrounded by a host of natural resources including iron, from the surrounding hills, and  pure water, from the River Mella. Most famous as the home of Beretta, still headquartered in Val Trompia, the surrounding area, supports a myriad of gun making companies, 139 at the last count.

At the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, 90% of the 133 athletes in shooting events used guns made in Val Trompia.

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