Prices start from

£32,000 for the Pair




Action Type

Rounded or Square

Trigger Group

Only Coil Springs

Barrel Selector

Only Yes

Adjustable Trigger

Yes or No

Barrel Length

24" to 32"

Chamber Length

2 3/4" - 3"


1 to 10 (1 being the most open)

Top Rib Style

Fixed, Ventilated, Ribless

Top Rib Finish

Hand Filed, in anyway the customer would like

Side Rib

Fixed, Ventilated, Ribless

Rib Under Forend

Fixed, Ventilated, Ribless

Forend Release

Button Only

Stock and Forend

Turkish Walnut, all grade available

Engraving Details

Classic Floral Scroll


In House Engraver (Perlotti)

Gold Numbering

Yes or No


Gold Oval or Inlet Initials


Flat, Motor, bespoke Canvas

The Fenice is our classic model with a range in store ready for purchase. It has been created with the highest quality in mind; technically supreme and elegantly designed, this hand built shotgun is the perfect entrée into F. Beesley Gunmaking.

The Fenice over-and-under is available as:-

12 gauge (12 bore)

16 gauge (16 bore)

20 gauge (20 bore)

28 gauge (28 bore)

The barrels measure 30” whilst stocks are 14 3/4”.

Those pre-ordering can customise all measurements, wood and engraving.

Priced from £32,000.00 inc. VAT for the pair with classic F. Beesley engraving.

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