The New Line of Beesley’s

The Eleganza, Fenice and Tecnica are over-and-unders which have been designed and manufactured by F. Beesley in conjunction with our partners in the Italian gunmaking region of Brescia.


Our Eleganza shotgun can be ordered with a range of bespoke features to be unique to each customer’s requirements.

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Fenice is our mid range, traditional game gun and is finished to exacting standards which the perfectionist Frederick Beesley would no doubt approve.

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The Tecnica is the purest expression of the F.Beesley brand. A classic box lock action, combined with modern Diamond Like Carbon technology.

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Tecnica Ultra

Designed for testing quarry and heavy loads, the Ultra is the ultimate high bird gun. It provides the passionate shooter with unsurpassed reliability, balance and shooting feel.

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Who are
Fredrick Beesley?

F.Beesley is spearheaded by Tom Ward, Director and Bradley Davis Head of Production and Sales. A formidable and youthful team who between them leave no stone unturned in their determination to make the finest modern shotguns.

Based in London and a very fine competition shot, whose passion lies in game shooting, Tom has been intimately involved with every detail of the design of each of the F.Beesley shotguns.

Bradley brings a wealth of experience and an unrivalled network from his time spent in Italy shooting competitively whilst his heart still lie with game shooting in the UK.

The F. Beesley name has been synonymous with gun making over the past 100 years. Frederick Beesley was one of a group of renowned gunmakers who came to prominence during the Victorian era. In fact, one of his patents changed the design of shotguns forever. We have resurrected the gun making legacy and in 2018 began manufacturing F. Beesley shotguns for the 21st-century game shooter.

Our sister company, London Gun Company, established by father and son Gary and Tom Ward in 2011, incorporates the F. Beesley gun manufacturing arm and provides the complete range of gun services to the game shooting community including; service, repair, maintenance, storage and concierge services together with pre-owned shotgun sales.

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Gunmaking remains rooted in tradition, skill, craftsmanship and engineering excellence. Today this involves traditional skills combined with cutting edge technology and precision instruments to develop beautiful yet incredibly accurate and mechanically robust shotguns.

When it came to the creation of a new generation of F. Beesley guns, we turned to the unrivalled gunmakers of Val Trompia, Brescia, Italy. Val Trompia is a small village in the Italian Alps which makes 40% of the world’s guns. It is here where gunmaking skills have been developed, refined and passed on through the generations, and continue to this very day.

The area is surrounded by a host of natural resources including iron, from the surrounding hills, and pure water, from the River Mella. Most famous as the home of Beretta, still headquartered in Val Trompia, the surrounding area, supports a myriad of gun making companies, 139 at the last count.

At the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, 90% of the 133 athletes in shooting events used guns made in Val Trompia.

The Team

Our team of experienced gun makers and shooters are here to help with any requests you may have.

Tom Ward

Tom is a Director and Head of Design for F. Beesley. After an incredibly successful career in Olympic Trap shooting, including a World championship, Tom, with father Gary, resurrected F.Beesley after successfully founding sister company London Gun Company.

Despite his competition prowess Tom's heart always lay in the field and as a result he turned his attention to the production of new bespoke F. Beesley game guns. Tom's deep knowledge of what the modern game shooter wants allied with comprehensive technical knowledge lead to the testing of many prototypes. This culminated in the Eleganza and Fenice, available today.

Tom's background, beyond competition, includes working for a number of well-known gun makers in London, where he cut his teeth in the trade.

Bradley Davis

Brad joined the team in 2023, bringing in vast knowledge of the game field, after many years instructing at both shooting schools and driven shoots.

Prior to working in-field, Bradley spent 13 years in the Great Britain Team from junior to senior, accounting for World and European medals, as well as British and English titles. Growing up in a shooting family, he progressed from game to clay shooting and into the competitive world.

Brad now heads up production of the Frederick Beesley range and can be found instructing across the country in the season, or wherever his clients require.

Guy Rathbone

Appointed as London Gun Company and F.Beesley's CEO in 2017, Guy brings a wealth of business experience to the company.

Having graduated in economics, followed by law school, Guy started his career taking up project management roles in the property and digital sectors.

Prior to joining, Guy worked as operations director at an app and web development company. Guy’s legal, project management and digital expertise have been pivotal in taking the company to the next level.

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